Basic Martingale Roulette Strategy

There are a lot of betting systems out there. However, most people think of Martingale when they think of a betting system. There are a lot of varieties when it comes to Martingale type betting system. The basic martingale roulette system is most commonly known as the doubling up. This basic martingale roulette system is for those who want an easy to understand and well organized. As this is easy to understand, this basic martingale roulette system is also the most popular.

Now let us talk about how this system works. The initial bet amount is your reference point. You will have to double your amount after each losing bet. When you win, you take this amount down to your starting bet. The system is designed in such a way that whenever you win a bet, you will win all the losses you have encountered up to that point. For example, if you start off at $5, then each time you lose, you have to add the losing amount. For the first lose, you move up to $10, then to $20, and so on. If you win on the third attempt, you will win $20. This way you can make a profit of $5 ($5 on the first bet + $10 on the second bet). Then you start from $5 again and continue. This is how the basic martingale roulette system works.

One thing to remember when playing online roulette is that you will not be betting against a particular number in Martingale system. So, you might have to wait for a while to win. You will be betting against either Red or black, or Even or Odd, or High and Low bets.

There is a problem with this basic martingale roulette system. You cannot go over the table limit. So, you must get a win before you reach there. And if you do not, then you will lose all your winnings. Also, if you go that high up, then you are not winning that much if you win a bet ($5). Some people do not like this about this basic martingale roulette system.

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